Paper Crafts: Mona Lisa ^3

I serendipitously found a nifty website with lots of cool 3D paper craft sculptures, and thus has gone several hours at work in the last couple of weeks. features free downloadable designs that can be cut out, folded, and interlocked to make some simple but really creative paper toys. So far, I’ve made the cubee Farnsworth (my friend’s favorite Futurama character), cubee Zoidberg (my favorite Futurama character) and a cubee Val-09, which is like a little lovey robot or something.

I think I like these things because they are so simple to make, and you can really spend time making them well, and be rewarded with a funny little desk mate or TV ornament, as I’ve have done in my home.

Also, the website administrator has uploaded a template for designing your own cubeecraft, which is super rad, because it lets you be creative, too. I started working on a Leonardo da Vinci cubee, but then I realized Leonardo just looks like an old mad with a beard, and he’s not quite visually iconic enough to be recognizable when cubee-ed. I’ll keep at it, though. I did work out a complicated design for a hat for Leonardo, based on his self-portrait, so we’ll see…

I did make a cubee Mona Lisa, which I am particularly proud of. She looks a little bit like Princess Leia in a toga, though.

If you want to try out making your own cubeecraft, you can get the template by visiting, or downloading here: cubeecraft_template


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