Free e-books and where to get them!

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as getting really, really involved in a book. When I first picked up the Harry Potter books, I honestly could not put them down. I got so into the drama of the characters, I internalized the story and I would have vidid dreams about being at Hogwarts whenever I was reading one of the books. I’m not trying to sound like another crazy adult infatuated with the wizzarding world (actually, I was a young teen when I started reading them), but for me, those books are important as my first experiences connecting in a big way with something completely abstract. It’s hard to describe that feeling of getting so into a story (whatever it may be) that it takes over your innermost thoughts, but it’s something I long for whenever I look out into the world for a new read. For me, it’s hard to come by, and usually when I find a book that I can get really into, I devour the thing and don’t even give myself the chance to relish that connection. What can I say, I’m a burn through it kind of reader…

Whatever your fancy, reading is good stuff, and everyone should be able to do it and have access to things that allow them to do it all the time. There are a few places online that I’ve found put out free downloadable e-books, many that are of public domain works, and some that include contemporary writers, generally to give exposure to authors who are getting started putting their work out there:

And if you’re thinking, great, e-books, what am I supposed to do with an e-book? Well, you can download (again, for free) Calibre, an e-book application and read away to your heart’s content! Of course, I’m totally team tactile when it comes to the e-book v. physical book debate, so if these things are not your style, check out a library, you can find local libraries at Public Libraries.


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