Freak your mind & Brain Expo!

Today’s the day: Brain Expo in Eugene, Oregon! If you’re nearby, come to the WOW Hall in Downtown Eugene, from 1-4 for presentations by departments from the University of Oregon, and see the Science Factory’s table, where we’ll hack your brain and trip out your senses.

It’s a busy day today, we also will have the Oregon Herpetological society at the museum for our annual Cavalcade of Crawling Creatures – which I am always told is not actually a cavalcade since animals will NOT actually be parading around. They will, however, be awesome and in some lovely tanks, so come by the museum anytime today 10-4.

If you are unfortunately not in the Pacific Northwest or nearby Lane County today, you can see (part) of the slideshow we’ll be bringing to the Expo this afternoon. It’s chock-full of amazing illusions, including change blindness and the spinning girl. I don’t want to give away too much about what we’ll talk about in the Expo today, so I’ll post again later with some thoughts about the other illusions and tricks.

Turtles+Rhinos…Illusions! (Get it now)


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