Make Something: Fold-Up Mousepad

For me, using a mouse for my computer is not common. I do all of my work on my laptop, and usually outside of my house. I also get really irritated when I do use my mouse and it skips or it freezes, mainly because I never use an actual mouse pad. But for things like digital image editing and now that I’m playing more games on my computer, a mouse is very handy. How do I make these worlds of not wanting to stay at my desk at home to use my computer AND wanting a mouse nearby to use when I want it? I guess I could go buy a mousepad, but something in me says I won’t remember that I want one long enough to get myself to the store and then labor over designs and what my mousepad might say about who I am. Instead, I made my own mousepad… and along with the portability thing, I made it a foldable one so it can be big when I want it and small when I want to put it in my bag!

Click here to continue reading this post and get directions on how to make the fold up mousepad!


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