Make Something: 3 Cool Sciencey Toys

… in jars

From September to June, every first Friday of the month is “Tot Discovery Day” at the Science Factory, in Eugene, OR. I am the educator at the museum who creates the Tot Day program and organizes all the activities. The program always has a different theme from month to month, so I spend a good amount of my professional time looking online for educational and fun activities that are age appropriate for 2 – 5 year old children. This can be a little tricky with some of the themes we have (try putting on an astronomy program for toddlers sometime and you’ll know what I mean). I always end up learning something new, and every now and then I discover a little gem somewhere in the blogosphere that I get really excited about, whether it’s related to that month’s theme or not. Research for this program is how I find out a lot of interesting things, actually, which goes to show that some people never really grow out of preschool.

Click here to read the rest of the post and get directions on how to make 3 cool toys!


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