Summer Lovin: Homemade Fudgesicles

It is definitely summer up here in the Pacific Northwest! Today is supposed to reach the 90’s, which is downright shocking when you consider we were trudging through the 50’s just a couple of weeks ago. I’m not complaining, of course; as a native Californian, sometimes the rainy Oregon winters can seem like they go on forever and I sure do miss the sun those days. But now it’s here, and it’s HOT! So, naturally I have stocked up on cold beers, cold pickles, and cold popsicles ;D I’ve also been looking around for some homemade treats to keep cool. When I was little, we had a popsicle making set and my parents used to fill them with Gatorade for us (that’s pretty much the only way I like my Gatorade). Out of an urge of nostalgia, I got some funky popsicle molds from Bed Bath and Beyond the other day, and I set out to find some yummy cold treats to make (Gatorade pops are so 1990’s, psh). I found a really simple fudgesicle recipe on Pinterest that uses Nutella and I was like YES (because what every dieter needs is a jar of Nutella in her house).

Click here to read the rest of the post and get the homemade fudgesicles recipe

4 thoughts on “Summer Lovin: Homemade Fudgesicles

  1. Strawberries AND fudgesicles combined?! Absolutely brilliant. Loving the cute Popsicles in Love picture and the TNG reference too! ;D

    • Yep! The strawberries gave it a little texture, too 😀 I’ll try to save you some, but I’m making no guarantee there will be anything left the next time you come over XP

    • Coconut milk sounds good! I was going to make a second batch with added coconut shreds I happen to have in my pantry. They could be like those coconut cream bars 😀

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