How to Get Started Reading Comic Books

Maybe you’ve gotten into some of the recent awesome Superhero franchise movies like The Avengers and the Batman series. Maybe you can’t possibly wait one more moment for new season of The Walking Dead or the next video game episode release (I feel you, brother). Or maybe you’re a hip mom or dad who wants to fit some visual and language literacy in to your kid’s everyday and in a cool way (which I recommend as an educator, BTW). Maybe your reasons are something else entirely, but the basic thing is you want to see what the fuss is about comics and you want a way to get into comics without feeling weird about it. Unfortunately, comics, like video games, suffers a sometimes characterization of being exclusive cultures; if you don’t know about the really obscure stuff and use the special jargon, you’re not cool enough to hang out at the shops and try new things. That’s baloney. I honestly don’t know a single comic nerd soul who would try to alienate anyone who was interested in getting into comics for the first time. And as a side note – if you are also interested in getting into video games for the first time, communities like streamers on TwitchTV are a good resource to turn to (Gamersnorthwest are a bunch of high quality chaps always ready to talk games with everyone).

Click here to read the rest of this post and get a list of comics you might enjoy!


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