High Classy Om Nom: Baked Crab Rangoon

Every now and then, I put down the Stormtrooper action figures and put on a flowy dress and high heels and go out like a grown woman. I know, it’s shocking to me, too, but it’s fun to get dressed up and sip wine and talk about grown up stuff. The other night, I went out with some friends to a local winery for some live music and yummy wine. We went to Sweet Cheeks Winery out here in Eugene and it was soooo beautiful! The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, and the wine and music were lovely.

The winery allows guests to bring in food to enjoy like a picnic, so our group decided to all pitch in potluck style. My friend brought a really delicious Zucchini Raw Pad Thai she found on allrecipes.com – I ate two whole servings AND I licked the yummy sauce off my plate (so much for acting like an adult). For my dish, I decided to go with finger food: crab rangoon.

Click here to continue reading this post and get the recipe for baked crab rangoon!


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