Eco Crafties: No-Sew reusable snack/ sandwich bags

I like to make some small efforts in being environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to waste. I try to have those reusable grocery bags on hand when I go to the store, and even though I forget sometimes, I save all my plastic grocery bags to use to make plarn (plastic yarn), so at least they’re not going out into the dump. I also try to be conscious of my daily waste, especially my lunch stuff. I already use reusable lunch containers – I like my To-Go Ware stainless steel tiffin and my little bento-sized Lunch Bots – but sometimes I still use little plastic zip bags for snacks and sammies. I always feel bad when I throw one out, too. I have a couple of reusable snack baggies that I picked up from Bed Bath and Beyond (they are also available at, but those are a little pricey for just a couple of bags. And then I thought, this can’t be that hard to make at home… so I made a pattern for snackies packs! And then I made another pattern for sammies packs!

Click here to read the rest of the post and get the downloadable pattern for no-sew snack packs!


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