Science Toys: Cartesian Devil

There are a couple of ways I am like an elf – not the archery or magical spells kind, I mean elf as in little guy in pointy shoes works in the North Pole variety. I like to do things that make kids happy, and I love to make toys (I’m also adorably short at 5’0″, tiny, just like a real elf)! My favorite toys to make are the kind I can dig through my crafts and recycling drawers to find the materials for, and the kind that teach something amazing in a simple way. I’m slowly but steadily building up my personal collection of homemade science toys that demonstrate all sorts of things like molecular polarity, cyclone formations, air pressure… the list goes on! About a year ago, I made up one of my first ever science toys, the Cartesian Devil. This is a nifty little thing that demonstrates Archimedes’ Principle about how pressure relates to the buoyancy of an object. It’s also super simple to whip up at home with 4 common materials. I had to make myself another one after my original one made its permanent home at the museum.

Click here to read the rest of the post and get step-by-step directions to make your own!


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