How to Get on a Bike and Ride to Work!

Everything you need to know to ride a bike to work!

When I moved up to Oregon for grad school a few years ago, I decided to leave my car behind with my parents. I can’t remember the justification for it – maybe to save money on gas? – but I do remember that I was excited to try public transportation and get my own bike to ride around town. This was a big time in my life; I was trying all kinds of new things like grad school, living in Oregon, not having anyone I knew within 400 miles of me… that sort of thing. So I added “bike hippie” onto that list in case it didn’t seem overwhelming enough. And it was ultimately a good choice – I avoided the usual weight gain that comes with big life transitions, I got to know my new adopted town on a street level, and I gained a wonderful sense of freedom. When things did get to feel like too much pressure or too crazy, I would go for a quick little ride around town, maybe explore places I hadn’t been before and just relax.

Biking has the great capacity to be both a heavy-duty cardio workout and a relaxing past time. I have my car up here now, but sometimes I still prefer to ride my bike rather than driving. I made a deal with myself this summer that whenever I need to go somewhere in town, I would bike as much as I can to keep me motivated (I make exceptions for things like doing my laundry at the mat or big item shopping). I’ve been biking to work a lot lately, and I’ve come up with a few tips that are helpful to have when you first start off.

Click here to continue reading this post and get my tips on how to start riding your bike to work!


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