Nerdy Birthday Treats: No Lie Portal Cake

Last weekend, Caleb had his big video game themed birthday bash. It was so much fun! His friend Tami put together some amazing decorations and a very cute snackies layout that went on to be completely demolished by Om-Nommy gamers.

Side note: if you are a gamer or someone who, like me, likes to watch other people play games, you can check out Caleb and Tami and lots of friends play games streaming online at – they have a Resident Evil marathon coming up in October!

My contribution was a video game themed birthday cake based on the cake from Portal. If you aren’t familiar with Portal, go buy it on Steam now and play it on your PC or Mac because it’s fricken awesome! But until you have the chance to play, I can just spoil some of the ending for you. The disembodied voice, GLaDOS, that gives the main character, Chell, all her assignments promises you some yummy cake if you get through one of the many puzzles at the end. SPOILER ALERT: there is no cake; the cake is a lie, which became a really popular theme among Portal enthusiasts. It doesn’t have to be a huge disappointment, though, because you can make your own No Lie Portal cake at home! (Cue infomercial music fersure)

Click here for the recipe!


One thought on “Nerdy Birthday Treats: No Lie Portal Cake

  1. Very appropriate to the song GLaDOS sings at the end of Portal, this cake was soooo delicious and moist! I do agree, the chocolate shavings on the outside might have been overkill except perhaps for those seeking some serious chocolate. If you’re looking for a delicious cake to bake though, I can’t recommend this one enough!

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