curiouser and curiouser…

I’m Jen, an art and science educator in the Pacific Northwest. I spend a whole lot of my time wondering about things and then looking up the answers, because I am a very curious girl. This blog is my place to share all the things I learn about: from at-home science experiments, yummy recipes, tutorials for how to make cool toys, artsy things, and so much more! My background is in education and the arts, and while I do love love love science so very much (anything brain-related makes me squee), I am not a scientist 😦 Or, let’s say this: I’m a scientist the same way the kids who eat paste in preschool are scientists. None of us are actually trained in science, but we are observers, we search out new information whenever we get the opportunity, and we savor every chunky gooey bit. Nom.

Hobbies: watching scary movies, crocheting educational amigurumi dolls, baking noms, buying Star Wars toys, making science toys, goofing off with my sister, and watching my friends play videogames (checkout the Gamersnorthwest!)

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