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Radiolab is a seasonal radio show and podcast, in which presenters Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich along with a staff of journalists investigate science and technology phenomena from a humanistic perspective. This show is better than brain candy, it’s frakking oxytocin chocolate mixed with serotonin jingly noises with a smooth dopamine after taste. Suuuuuupppper good.

TED Talks inspire and enlighten; any and every kind of experts in different fields are invited to demonstrate their work and passion in conferences, the video recordings of which are shared with the whole world.

The Moth stories are live personal stories told onstage and collected in podcasts. Many of the stories are hilarious, and all are moving in some way. Sometimes I see the description of a podcast episode before I listen to it and I think I won’t be into whatever it might be about, but I’m pretty much always wrong.

I do love me some public radio… especially NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – it’s the primary source of my news information during the week. Also fabulously fabulous is How to do Everything, which was created by two Wait Wait producers, Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag. It’s crazy funny AND informative, which any teacher/ student/ parent/ human knows is a sure-fire recipe for success in education. Also, they have über cool music in the background and during the credits.